Dedicated to protect, your home, business, and community.

Privately Owned and operated with over 60 years of experience and training in security and law enforcement.

Your peace of mind is our business!

Guard Services and Body Guard

Armed, unarmed, uniformed, plain clothes, off duty police officers, body guard, emergency coverage, long or short term. Available 24/7.

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Alarm Installation, Monitoring, and access control system.

We customize our alarm system around your needs and requirement and not a one size fits all sold by others.

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Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV Camera)

Please read this article BEFORE purchasing ANY video surveillance systems. This article is FREE and we promise you will learn a lot and be happy you did.

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Vehicle, Bicycle, Golf Cart and Dedicated Patrol

Vehicle patrol, community patrol, gate community, parking enforcement, lock up/unlock service, and bicycle and golf cart patrol and armed response.

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