Alarm Installation, Monitoring, and access control system.

This is the information that most surveillance stores and sales people don’t want you to know.

I am sure you have seen the video surveillance systems sold online or buy many local stores (specially big box stores). But here are some FACTS you need to know which they wont tell you or want you to know…

  • Did you test the system at NIGHT time to see its range and effects?
  • I am sure in stores, when you see yourself (3-5 feet away) from the cameras you see yourself in crystal clear images, but is this where you will install the camera? To be able to view 3-5 feet away? In 99% of instances the answer is NO, so go farther away and see the quality.
  • What you see might NOT be the same as replaying the video. We have seen many video surveillance system that show better when live viewing but extremely poor when replaying.
  • Once you have determined the distance you want to cover the camera, do you see crisp clear during the NIHGT and DAY time? And can make out object, persons, vehicles?
  • Are the systems proprietary?  Meaning you have to use and buy what ever they sell (at premium prices)? Meaning if the system comes with 25 feet or wire and you need 30 feet, the 25 feet is obsolete and you need to purchase another one since they use a proprietary connections for their systems.
  • Did you buy a system to find out its not that easy for yourself to install and when you call and installer, they charge you more than the system and/or what you would have paid for a better system installed in the first place.

Over the last few decades we have seen and hear all sorts of stories. But one that keeps coming up, is when there is an incident and you or the police department needs to investigate and incident. This is where they stop and cant proceed further with this because either the images or video provided are of such poor quality  poor quality that they cant make out any description. Please don’t see the video or images of yourself and say, oh yea that’s me. You know that is you because it is you, but if someone else were to see that, would the image be as clear as they could make out the details and use it as evidence?

Although technology changes at a rapid paste but not that rapid and in most cases whoever purchase a video surveillance system, will keep it for years to come as this is NOT something you will replace quarterly or annually.

The way I would put it, would you rather buy a car from a car auction without knowing its history or whether it will break on you on the way driving it home? Or rather buy a new car that you know will last you for years with no problems and has a warranty?

No two homes or businesses are alike, that’s why at Babylon Security, we will customize, design, and install a system that is best suited for your particular needs.