When all is said and done the proof of a security provider is in their history. After  all your looking for a solution and not more problems. By choosing the wrong security provider and hiring and posting experienced and unacknowledged security personnel your opening yourself to loads of problems and possible lawsuits since they represent YOU.

At Babylon Security we have over 60 years of combined training and experience in security and law enforcement and in business for over 25 years. We have been featured in magazines and news papers including television and wrote several articles in regards to the security industry (why conduct criminal records check on employees) and (how to choose the right security company). We understand the importance of any security need and treat each and every client with a unique approach and design a security solution catered to their specific needs, requirements, and budget.

A small list our clients include, foreign embassies to politicians and from fortune 500 companies to world famous musicians and Hollywood movie stars and local homes and businesses. At Babylon Security our products and service are not a one size fits all or something you can get out of a big box stores off of the shelf's. We are one of the few companies that offer a full and complete comprehensive line of security solutions from uniformed or plain clothes security personnel to vehicle patrol and burglar alarm systems and (remote) video surveillance systems (CCTV). We are fully licensed and insured in the state of California. Babylon Security's central alarm monitoring stations are also located locally in California.

At Babylon Security we have the experience and expertise to meet any security challenge anytime (day or night 24/7) and integrate latest in technologically to keep you, your home, and your business safe and secure. We will be happy to visit you at your home or place of business or even speak on telephone to review your requirements and recommend a security solution plan that fits your needs and budget.
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