Guard Services and Body Guard

When it comes to physical security services (services) some customers shop around for the price rather than the service (what they need). When it comes to services, it is unlike a product when you can compare apples to apples per say. That's why at Babylon Security we dig deeper and ask various questions to determine the level of expertise and training required for your particular need and we make our recommendation based on that, however, the ultimate decision comes from you.

At Babylon Security all of our security guard are Department of Justice and FBI background checked and we have the expertise and knowledge in many areas and fields. If your in need of uniformed, plain clothes, armed, and unarmed security office and off duty police officers, we can help from urgent/emergency situations to short and long term contracts. We design and implement our services based around your requirements and needs.  

These are some of the areas we have experience in...

Office building

Apartment building

Movie Production (filed and offices).

Construction sites




Private residents (estate security)

ATM escort


VIP (body guard)

Fire watch

Shops/Retail Stores

Department Stores

Super Markets

Parking Lots



Disgruntled employee threat

Shopping Centers

Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. At Babylon Security, We stay awake so you can sleep better. 

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